Getting to know Kate is important for corporate and business photography. You need to be confident she can do exactly what’s needed to enhance the effectiveness of your business image.

In a previous life before becoming a professional photographer, I worked in various businesses and organisations some of which were very good at communicating their human side. I’m therefore very acutely aware of what a difference a humanising impact can have.

‘People buy people’ is a well turned phrase especially applicable to small businesses. Comparing a business website that shows the people behind a company with a competitor that does not, illustrates this point well. The face of the owner or the key players in a business is the first step to establishing trust and a business relationship.

I’m told I have the ability to set people at ease quickly which is extremely important in this type of photography. Often it needs to be done quickly, with limited time to get relaxed and comfortable enough to show your best side. See my testimonials.


My guiding philosophy on corporate photography is that it should demonstrate the professionalism of the subject for the viewer’s information and reassurance.  It should provoke interest, confidence and an initial understanding of what the individual is like.

I aim to capture the personality of the corporate subject as well as some indication of the working environment if that is appropriate. Putting you in context helps potential clients feel warm towards you and your company.

The potential customer should see you as friendly and human, yet expert in the way you seek to portray.

For you the participant it’s also about relaxing and being able to convey the best of your personality in the pictures.

I may ask you to sit or stand in a particular way which you might not have thought of, but which will make the pictures look great.

Most clients, however nervous and anxious about how they might look actually enjoy themselves and end up wishing they’d agreed to have the portraiture session sooner.