Corporate Photography in Surrey and the South East - Portraying a charity and developing its public image

I like to work with charities, it gives a unique feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment.

One recent example involved working with the Prader Willi Society a very small organisation that supports sufferers from a rare genetic condition called Prader Willi Syndrome, and their families and carers. Showing these people as real rounded characters, with their own ideas about life was extremely satisfying. With all good intentions we tend to look differently at those who seem different, especially if they may behave in unexpected ways. Our prejudices are deeply ingrained and it’s hard to get past first impressions when we judge people in the first few seconds by their appearance. These individuals enjoyed their photo shoots and their individuality ‘came alive’ for me in the portraits.

The charity has been delighted to have high quality images to use in its Annual report and other promotional material for raising awareness and funds. A specific fundraiser in 2012 is planned to make best use of the images available.

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