Event photography for Business or personal reasons is undertaken with skill and flexibility to meet your needs.

Whether it is for a special event such as a church service, or a business event I am delighted to take on your requirements and work with you to portray the event in the way you wish it to be. Recording and displaying the events you run within an organisation is always an important part of good internal communications and employee motivation. Some events are also critical for external communication of your business objectives, maybe the events are your main product or are run for customers and form part of your public relations work. Depending on the nature of the event outputs can be electronic images (for business presentations and other purposes) or books, framed images, albums or other outputs for private events or company parties or to record a particular moment in a business or organisational history. A clear briefing is vital to ensure I understand your objectives before the event takes place and can work with the images to achieve what you need.

Beautiful churches with significant services to celebrate an important event can be captured superbly.

A political campaign launch requires photography to enhance the publicity which follows; images of the speakers in action can be valuable material for the PR campaign.

Are you making a subtle political point through an image? Do you want to look magisterial or thoughtful and scholarly? Whatever your aim, talk to me about it and we can work together to achieve the look you want.

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