Preparation for the corporate portrait shoot

How does it work and how long does it take?

The shoot is likely to take an hour, though if you give me more time we’ll get better results and a greater variety of settings for you to choose from, so please plan to have two hours free if you can.

Where will it be done?

We’ll search for the best location, whether at your office, home or out of doors if you prefer that idea. The background should be meaningful for your business and the impression you want to convey to potential clients.

What should I wear?

How do you wish to be seen? Do you have a uniform or robe that signifies the job you do? If so we should certainly use that. But there are other options and business people often want to develop a suite of publicity images which can be used in various environments. So you might want to have a couple of different coloured shirts ties (if you wear them) maybe even two suits if you usually wear a suit, or different jackets if you are a more relaxed dresser.

Don’t forget the black polo neck look which can be fantastic – very James Bond!

But overall the simplest guide should be what do I usually wear and how do I want my potential clients and customers to see me.

What else?

Sometimes props are a great addition. A physicist sitting in a library with Isaac Newton’s book on a shelf behind him held an apple in his hand. Professor Higgs (of God Particle fame) was featured with his own painted portrait on a University building’s Atrium wall behind him.

Simpler props might include your favourite pen, glasses, it’s entirely up to your imagination.

If in doubt call me to discuss what you are aiming to achieve and we’ll plan together for the right look.