Corporate Photography in Surrey - Tinker , Tailor, Soldier, Sailor... whatever you are the world should see your best side

My philosophy is that you are the face of your business or organisation and that you need to be seen to best advantage. Corporate photography ideas will vary according to the role you play in your business. You should look human, friendly, yet professional and authoritative, depending on the type of business or organisation different looks may be required and these are an important point to be agreed in the pre shoot briefing. Do you want to show yourself ‘doing what you do?’ or just as a normal portrait? Do you want several different ‘looks’ for different situations? Do you want to show that you have a life outside the normal business image?

You may be an author, poet, scientist or lawyer, or you may be a chef, carpenter, plasterer or plumber. The business portrait you present to the world must be a tool to enhance the achievement of awareness that works positively for your business. Perhaps you are the business, or perhaps you are part of a team, perhaps you want the world to know your business is not as small as they might think, so show the whole team if you can assemble them all.

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